Mega Ball: Guide on Where and How to Play and Win Big

Promotional graphic for Mega Ball featuring the game's logo with a shiny gold and blue color scheme and the text '100x' on a glowing pink ball, symbolizing potential high payouts.
Welcome to the comprehensive guide on Mega Ball. This article covers everything you need to know to get started, master the game, and ultimately, increase your chances of winning big while enjoying the game play.

Additionally, our expert review can provide insights on professional perspectives about this live game. Finally, we’ll guide you to the top online casino where you can experience Mega Ball firsthand.

What Is Mega Ball

Mega Ball is a live casino game provided by Evolution Gaming that blends elements of bingo and lottery games. The objective of the game is to match as many numbers drawn from the lottery ball machine with those on your purchased bingo cards, completing lines for a chance to win big. Read on to find o-ut the game rules, payout rates, and RTP.

Game Rules

In Mega Ball, players buy bingo cards. Each card contains a 5×5 grid with 24 randomly arranged numbers. The game then starts and numbered balls are drawn from the ball drawing machine at random. As the numbers match those on your cards, you earn prizes from 1x to 10,000x.


The table below displays the full payout rates for the Mega Ball. The payouts increase with the number of lines you get: secure 1 single line for a 1x payout, and earn between 5x and 10,000x for 2 to 6 lines.
Number of Lines Payout Ratio Winnings (based on a PHP 10 bet)

6 Lines


PHP 100,000

5 Lines


PHP 10,000

4 Lines


PHP 2,500

3 Lines


PHP 500

2 Lines


PHP 50

1 Line


PHP 10


The optimal Return to Player (RTP) rate is 95.40%, based on 1 card. The RTP range of Mega Ball is between 94.61% – 95.40%.
The odds of hitting the jackpot, which means getting 6 or more lines along with the 100X multiplier in the bonus round, vary based on how many cards you buy. If you buy 1 card, the odds are roughly one in 13.4 billion. If you buy 400 cards, the odds improve to about one in 33.4 million. The odds of winning on 6 or more lines with a smaller multiplier are much better.

How to Play Mega Ball

Screenshot of the Mega Ball game interface showing the live draw in progress with numbered balls being drawn into a clear tube against a yellow background. The player's balance, total bet, and a pay table are displayed alongside the winning numbers highlighted on bingo cards.

Step 1: Sign Up at a Legit Online Casino

Find a trusted online casino offering Mega Ball and complete the registration process to set up your player account. Recommended online casinos that offer Mega Ball include Nuebe Gaming, Terea Play, KuyaPlay, and Lawinplay.

Step 2: Navigate to Live Game Section

Log in to your casino account and head to the live game section, which features real-time games like Mega Ball, ready for you to join and play.

Step 3: Enter Mega Ball

Within the live games area, find and select Mega Ball to join the next available round and get ready for the excitement.

Step 4: Set Your Betting Amount

As the betting time for the next round begins, decide the amount of your bet. It’s important to gamble responsibly and within your budget for a fun experience.

Step 5: Buy Your Bingo Cards

You have the option to purchase between 1 to 400 bingo cards. Your chances of winning increase with more cards, but so does your total bet.

Step 6: Watch the Live Draw

The main game starts after the betting time ends. The ball drawing machine will randomly draw 20 numbered balls, marking any matches on your cards.

Step 7: Form Winning Lines for Prizes

Win by matching the numbers in a line on your card. Lines can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Step 8: Aim for Multiple Lines

Multiple lines mean more wins. Each completed line adds to your potential winnings.

Step 9: Bonus Round with Multipliers

After the main game, there’s a bonus round where you might get your winnings multiplied by anything from 5x to 100x.

Step 10: Mega Ball Draw for Increased Wins

The whole game ends with this Mega Ball in the bonus round. If this final ball completes a line on your card, your winnings for that card are multiplied, potentially leading to even bigger prizes.

5 Game Features of Mega Ball

1. Free Square

Close-up of a digital Mega Ball bingo card highlighting the free square feature, with the central space marked and illuminated, surrounded by random numbers from 5 to 51 on a teal background.
Each bingo card has a free space right in the middle. It’s automatically marked and counts as part of any winning line that goes through it.

2. Zoom In and Change Numbers

A close-up view of a single Mega Ball bingo card, showcasing the zoom feature that allows players to inspect individual numbers, with an illuminated 'Refresh Numbers' option for changing them.

No matter how many cards you play, you can see them all on your screen. Want to look closer? Just zoom in on a card to check the numbers better. If you don’t like the numbers on your card, no problem! While you can bet, zoom in and press “REFRESH NUMBERS” to get new ones.

3. Paytable

Snapshot of Mega Ball's dynamic pay table displaying potential winnings in PHP currency, with payouts ranging from PHP 10 for one line to PHP 100,000 for six or more lines, against a dark gradient background.

There’s a table that shows what you can win, based on how much you bet. Change your bet, and the table changes too, so you always know what you could win.

4. Autoplay

Interface of Mega Ball's Autoplay feature with options to select 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 rounds at a set bet of PHP 10 per round, shown on a sleek black background for easy selection.

With Auto Play, you can keep betting the same amount on the same number of cards over and over, for as many games as you choose. It’s a good way to play without clicking every time.

5. Numbers Needed

A digital Mega Ball bingo card displaying selected numbers and the highlighted 'Numbers Needed' feature with a gold halo around the number 40, indicating the key number for winning, set against a vibrant teal background.

As balls are drawn, the numbers you need to win will shine in gold above your cards, so you can easily see which ones you’re waiting for.

Mega Ball Strategy for Winning – A Long Tested One

While Mega Ball is largely a game of chance, Nuebe Gaming’s casino experts suggest a well-established strategy to increase your winning potential: buying more cards could help you win more prizes.

Think of it like this: 1 card holds 6 possible winning lines, whereas 10 cards amplify your opportunities to 60 potential winning lines!

More cards can lead to more winning lines, increasing the chance of getting bigger prizes. However, it’s still important to gamble responsibly. While more cards increase your winning chances, they also mean a larger bet. Therefore, find a balance that works for you and enjoy the game safely.

Mega Ball Strategy for Winning – A Long Tested One

More cards can lead to more winning lines, increasing the chance of getting bigger prizes. However, it’s still important to gamble responsibly. While more cards increase your winning chances, they also mean a larger bet. Therefore, find a balance that works for you and enjoy the game safely.

Dynamic Numbers Shuffle

This feature allows for a degree of control in a game largely dependent on luck. Offering insights into the frequency of number appearances – without undermining the game’s integrity – could aid players in making more informed decisions when they opt to shuffle numbers.

Strategic Card Buying

The decision to purchase one, ten, or a hundred cards should reflect a player’s budget and risk tolerance. While buying more cards raises the odds of winning, it also increases the game’s volatility. A balanced approach—buying more when wining consecutively and less when losing—can lead to an optimal gaming experience.

Top Online Casino to Play Mega Ball

If you are looking after the excitement of Mega Ball, Nuebe Gaming is a great place to enjoy this game. This reliable online casino has Mega Ball and many other fun games. Players have lots of choices and can enjoy different gaming experiences.

Nuebe Gaming offers a smooth gambling experience for all its players: It has safe transaction methods and a wide variety of casino games. Moreover, Nuebe Gaming is fully licensed and meets all regulations, making it a trusted and safe place for online casino lovers.

Casino Bonuses to Claim

Bonuses are a big part of the experience at Nuebe Gaming. When your bets on specific games reach a certain amount, you get a ticket that can be redeemed for random bonuses. The maximum prize is up to PHP 28 million!
The opportunity for these rewards is not just a one-off; you can earn a maximum number of tickets every day. With these bonus systems in place, we ensure that regular play is recognized and rewarded for our players. Register now to play Mega Ball on Nuebe Gaming.
Promotional screen capture from Nuebe Gaming showcasing a total bonus prize pool with two separate bonus events for slot games, including titles like 'Mines,' 'KONG,' and 'Aztec,' with instructions on how to bet and earn tickets for bonus claims.


Is there a demo mode for Mega Ball where I can play for free?

No, currently there is no demo mode available for Mega Ball. To play, you need to sign up and place a bet, but this also means you have the chance to win real money.

Can I track my game history in Mega Ball?

Yes, Nuebe Gaming provides a feature for you to review your game history, allowing you to see the outcomes of your past games, including all your wins and the numbers that were drawn.

Is there a limit to how many rounds of Mega Ball I can play in a day?

There is no limit to the number of rounds you can play in a day in Mega Ball.