Graphic representation of BetConstruct's 'Bet on League' feature combining a soccer field with statistical growth charts and spotlights.


BetConstruct: Top Sports Betting & Gaming Provider

BetConstruct is a major software provider in the online gaming industry, particularly known for its sportsbook solutions. The company offers a wide variety of betting options, including over 30,000 live matches per month in sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, and more niche options.

In this article, we’ll delve into a detailed overview of this software provider, one of Nuebe Gaming’s sports betting software partners.

Graphic representation of BetConstruct's 'Bet on League' feature combining a soccer field with statistical growth charts and spotlights.

BetConstruct Overview

BetConstruct is a leading software provider in the online gaming industry, known for its extensive reach and award-winning solutions. The company’s philosophy centers around providing clients with a wide array of choices to meet different market needs, which has made it an ideal partner for online casinos around the world.

Online and Retail Solutions

The software provider offers a wide range of products including online and retail sportsbook, RNG & live casinos, poker, and more. This variety allows online gambling sites to provide a complete gaming experience to their users, meeting the needs and preferences of different gaming styles.

Milestones and Growth

The company’s journey since it started in 2003 shows its dedication to innovation in the online gaming industry. Important achievements include:

  1. Foundation and Expansion (2003-2011): BetConstruct started in 2003 as a small player in online gaming. By 2011, the company had grown and opened a development office in Yerevan, Armenia, focusing on B2B solutions.
  2. Platform Development and Licensing (2015-2016): In 2015, BetConstruct launched the Spring Platform, marking a significant technological advancement. The next year, they obtained licenses from various regulatory bodies like the UKGC and MGA. They also added Skill Games to their product lineup.
  3. Innovative Product Launches (2017-2020): BetConstruct introduced Fantasy Sports and VR Casino in 2017. Their Live Casino software received certifications in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, they secured the Swedish Online Gambling and Betting License and launched the BME industry news app. They also expanded their offerings with more games.
  4. Strategic Partnerships and Certifications (2021-2022): In 2022, BetConstruct received GLI certification for its live dealer casino games. They also created a unique sports tournament engine to enhance their promotional offerings.

Awards and Recognition

Image for the Global Gaming Awards London 2023 with the text 'Winners Revealed' prominently displayed. The BetConstruct logo is present as the lead partner, with KPMG as the official adjudicator and Gambling Insider as the power source.
  • Global Gaming Awards 2023: Digital Supplier of the Year, highlighting BetConstruct’s cutting-edge digital solutions.
  • SiGMA Eurasia 2023: Esports Product of the Year, showcasing BetConstruct’s strong presence in the rapidly growing eSports betting market.
  • SBC Awards 2022: Sportsbook Supplier of the Year, emphasizing BetConstruct’s leadership in sportsbook technology.
  • SiGMA Americas 2022: Platform Provider of the Year, demonstrating BetConstruct’s comprehensive and versatile betting platform.
  • International Gaming Awards 2021: iGaming Software Supplier of the Year, recognizing BetConstruct’s overall excellence in iGaming software solutions.

BetConstruct’s 3 Notable Technological Advancements

The award-winning provider has consistently been a leader in integrating technological advancements in sports betting, significantly contributing to its success and industry standing. Here’s how they’ve utilized these technologies:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

BetConstruct has used AI to improve players’ betting experience in multiple ways. AI algorithms are used for predictive analysis, providing players with insights into possible game results. This adds a strategic element and enhances the excitement of betting.

Furthermore, AI is used to personalize the user experience by offering tailored suggestions and content based on each player’s behavior and preferences. This personalization has not only increased user engagement but also improved player retention rates.

2. Real-Time Analytics

The use of real-time analytics has had a great impact, especially for live sports betting. BetConstruct offers timely updates on games, enabling players to make well-informed choices using the most recent information. This instant access adds thrill to the betting experience and attracts a wider range of people.

3. User Interface (UI) Enhancements

To make its sportsbook solutions easier to use, BetConstruct has improved how they look and feel. They have made the navigation simpler, made it work well on different devices, and made the designs more attractive. These improvements mean that more people can use the platform, which helps BetConstruct reach more customers.

BetConstruct and Nuebe Gaming’s Partnership for Sports Gambling

A laptop screen displaying BetConstruct Sportsbook interface with live sports betting options and account balance.

Nuebe Gaming, in partnership with BetConstruct, offers thousands of sports betting options. From popular choices like soccer, basketball, and tennis to niche sports such as table tennis, darts, and cricket, our platform caters to every sports enthusiast’s interests.

Nuebe Gaming leverages the software partner’s real-time analytics in sports betting to provide live updates, significantly enhancing the sports betting experience. This ensures that our players are always ahead of the game with the latest information, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Being the top sports betting platform, Nuebe Gaming offers a variety of sports and advanced betting technology. Our partnership with leading sports betting providers guarantees an outstanding betting experience. Start gambling sports on Nuebe Gaming and experience the thrill like never before!


Who is the owner of BetConstruct?

The company was founded and is currently owned by the brothers Vigen and Vage Badalyan. They established the company as a major international gambling software provider, working under their parent company, SoftConstruct Ltd.

Is BetConstruct able to detect suspicious betting activities?

Certainly! The software provider uses advanced tools and algorithms to monitor betting patterns and player behavior in real-time. If it detects activities like arbitrage betting or unusual win-loss patterns, it may categorize these as suspicious.

How does BetConstruct ensure the fairness of its risk management system?

Its risk management system is designed with fairness in mind, using a comprehensive database to monitor and analyze player behavior without bias. It aims to protect both the players and the platform by ensuring a secure and fair gaming environment.