How to Play Crazy Time: Win Big with Small Bets

Colorful wheel of the Crazy Time live casino game with various betting segments.

Crazy Time, a live casino game developed by the renowned provider Evolution Gaming, has taken the online gambling scene by storm due to its unique blend of thrill and chance. The game features a large, colorful wheel divided into 54 segments, offering 8 betting segments.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the rules and strategies of Crazy Time, guiding players through its dynamic gameplay. Whether you’re looking to make big wins with small stakes or just having fun, our insights will help improve your gameplay and maximize your winning potential!

How to Play Crazy Time Casino Game Online

Each round starts with a 13-second betting time. During the betting time, players place bets on different segments of the wheel, including 4 numbers and 4 bonus games. Each betting option occupies a different number of sections on the wheel, reflecting varying chances of winning and potential payouts.

As the betting time comes to an end, the host starts spinning the wheel. Meanwhile, the Top Slot above it spins automatically, too, giving extra multipliers to any of the betting segments on the wheel. For instance, if the Top Slot lands on the number 5 with a 10x multiplier, any wins from the number 5 will be multiplied by 10.

The Wheel Structure


The four numbered betting options on the wheel – 1, 2, 5, and 10 – have different multipliers and take up more segments on the wheel than the other four bonus game betting options. The multiplier for each of these options matches its respective number, which means that betting on number 2 gives a 2x multiplier, while betting on number 10 provides a 10x multiplier.

Bonus Games

In addition to the numbers, there are four types of bonus games, each having a unique setup:

1. Coin Flip: In this bonus game, a coin with a red and a blue side is flipped, each side having a different multiplier. The multiplier for the winning side is applied to the players’ bet, potentially leading to significant wins.

Crazy Time's Coin Flip bonus game machine with multipliers displayed.

2. Cash Hunt: This bonus game features 108 different multipliers covered by random symbols. Players choose a target. Once the countdown starts, they aim and fire at their chosen target, revealing the hidden multiplier, which is then applied to their bet.

Cash Hunt bonus game board with symbols and multipliers from Crazy Time.

3. Pachinko: In this game, a puck is dropped from the top of a peg-filled wall, bouncing randomly before landing in one of the 16 zones at the bottom. These zones contain different multipliers or “Double.” If the puck lands on “Double,” the host drops the puck again and the multipliers for the next drop are doubled.

Pachinko bonus game wall with multipliers and 'Double' slots in Crazy Time.

4. Crazy Time: This is the main attraction, featuring a virtual wheel with 64 segments, showcasing various multipliers and Double and Triple symbols. Players select a flapper – Blue, Green, or Yellow – to determine their prize. If the flapper lands on a Double or Triple, it boosts all multipliers and triggers another spin.

Crazy Time's main bonus wheel game with colorful amusement park background.

The Top Slot Structure

  • Function and Purpose: Positioned above the wheel, the Top Slot spins at the same time as the wheel for each game round. Its primary role is to generate random multipliers, up to 50x, for one random betting section per round.
  • Multiplier Alignment: If the Top Slot’s multiplier matches with the betting section on the wheel, it boosts that betting section, and winnings are increased by the multiplier, offering larger prizes.
Top Slot and main wheel displaying multipliers in the Crazy Time game.


1. Choosing Your Bet Size

Start by selecting the chip amount you want to bet with. This chosen amount becomes your stake for the upcoming round.

2. Placing Your Bets

Place your chips on the segments you wish to bet on during the 13-second betting time.

3. The Wheel Spin

Once the betting time ends, the host spins the wheel, while the Top Slot spins as well, applying random multipliers to a betting segment.

4. Determining the Outcome

When the wheel stops spinning, the winning segment is determined by where the pointer lands. If it matches your bet, your payout will be calculated based on its value. Also, if the multiplier of the Top Slot matches the winning segment, your winnings will be further boosted by this multiplier.

5. Participating in Bonus Games

If the wheel stops on a bonus game segment you’ve bet on, you’ll enter a special bonus round.

6. Bonus Game Payouts

In bonus rounds, you’ll have the chance to win larger multipliers or cash prizes based on the outcome of the game. Your winning is determined by the multipliers achieved in these games.

7. Preparing for the Next Round

After the entire round is completed, the process starts again with the next betting time.

RTP, Payouts, and Odds of Crazy Time Casino Game

In Crazy Time online casino game, the RTP rates differ for each bet, ranging from 94.41% to 96.08%. This suggests that over the long term, for every ₱100 wagered, the average return ranges from ₱94.41 to ₱96.08. Please note that RTP is a theoretical value calculated over a long period of time and doesn’t guarantee the same return in each game session.

Return to Player (RTP) percentages for Number and Bonus Game sections in Crazy Time.

Each of the 8 betting options in the game has its unique odds and payouts. If you bet on a numbered segment, the payout you receive matches the number itself. The bonus games offer varied payouts, determined by the outcomes within the bonus rounds.

Below is a comprehensive table showing the number of segments for each betting option, along with their odds and payouts:

Betting OptionNumber of SegmentsOddsPayouts
Number 1211 in 2.57 1 to 1 (2x Bet)
Number 2131 in 4.15 2 to 1 (4x Bet)
Number 571 in 7.71 5 to 1 (10x Bet)
Number 1041 in 13.5 10 to 1 (20x Bet)
Coin Flip41 in 13.5 Varied*
Cash Hunt21 in 27 Varied*
Pachinko21 in 27 Varied*
Crazy Time11 in 54 Varied*

6 Crazy Time Strategies

1. The 10-5-2-1 Strategy: Low Risk

This crazy time strategy is like choosing a balanced diet. You place small equal bets on the numbers 2, 5, and 10, and a double amount on the number 1, which appears most frequently. It’s a safe and steady approach.

Player Types: Ideal for cautious players and beginners who prefer to play it steadily.

Player Goals: Suited for consistent, small wins rather than chasing big, risky jackpots.

2. The Numbered Segments Only Strategy: Low Risk

This method is like choosing the most walked paths in a forest – less risky but also less adventurous. You only bet on the numbered sections, avoiding the bonus games. It’s a straightforward approach with fewer surprises.

Player Types: Perfect for players who enjoy consistent action and are content with smaller payouts, rather than chasing large bonuses.

Player Goals: Suited for players who prioritize frequent wins and are looking for a more predictable, less volatile gambling experience.

3. All-In Strategy: Moderate Risk

The All-In method is like putting a little chip on every number at the fair – you’re sure to win something each time the wheel spins but you also spend a chip on each try. You spread your bets to cover all bases. This strategy works if you like the thrill of winning every time but understand that you might also lose a bit on the way.

Player Types: Great for adventurous players who enjoy the excitement of having a stake in every possible outcome.

Player Goals: To experience the thrill of the game in its entirety, accepting small losses for consistent engagement.

4. Matching The Bet To The Odds Of Each Number: Moderate Risk

By applying this strategy, you’re placing higher bets on numbers with lower frequency but higher payouts, like number 10. It’s like throwing a ball at harder targets at a carnival game – hitting them is rare, but when you do, the prize is bigger. This strategy is for you if you’re okay with losing often for the chance of a big celebration now and then.

Player Types: Suited for analytical players who like to calculate their moves based on probabilities.

Player Goals: Striving for a balanced approach to winning, with calculated risks for potentially higher payouts.

This crazy time game strategy is risky. It involves doubling your bet after each loss, hoping to recover all losses with a single win. But if luck isn’t on your side, you could lose all your playing money quickly. It’s a high-stakes, high-reward method, like a daring stock market investment.

Player Types: Ideal for risk-takers with a big wallet who are willing to take a chance for a big win and can afford potential large losses. 

Player Goals: Aiming for a big win that offsets all previous losses, understanding the high risk involved.

6. Bonus Game Bonanza: High Risk

Focusing only on bonus games is like trying to hit the bullseye every time – it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s a big party. However, you might miss out on smaller, more regular wins. It’s risky but offers the chance for substantial wins.

Player Types: Perfect for thrill-seekers of a rare but big win and don’t mind waiting for it.

Player Goals: Chasing the excitement and potential of hitting it big in bonus rounds, while accepting the risk of missing regular wins.

These 6 strategies offer different ways to experience Crazy Time, each with its own risk and reward profile. Choose the one that aligns with your style and goals, and remember to play responsibly!

Win Big with Small Bets

Now that you’ve learned the rules of the game, how the game works, and helpful strategies, we’ve got an additional strategy mix for you to win big with small stakes: a blend of “Matching The Bet To The Odds Of Each Number” with the “Bonus Game Bonanza”.

To use the “Matching The Bet To The Odds Of Each Number” and “Bonus Game Bonanza” strategies wisely, divide your budget between the numbered and bonus game segmentsFor the numbers, bet more on the ones that come up less frequent; these can give you bigger wins. Then, equally bet the other part of your bets on the bonus games. 

For example, if you have a ₱100 budget, split your ₱100 like this: ₱60 for the numbered segments and ₱40 for the bonus games. Consider allocating ₱20 to numbers 10 and 5, and ₱10 to numbers 2 and 1. Then, use the remaining ₱40 for the four bonus games, placing ₱10 on each.

A strategic betting trick for Crazy Time with allocated budget and bonus percentages.

This dual trick allows you to strategically place bets on the numbered segments, hoping for a solid win with the high-payout numbers, also trying the bonus games for a chance at rare but huge multipliers. Instead of spending all your money on risky bets, this mixed strategy gives you the chance to chase big wins while also collecting smaller wins.

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Crazy Time FAQs

1. How do I win money in Crazy Time?​

To win money in Crazy Time, you must successfully place bet on the outcome of the wheel spin. If the wheel stops on your chosen segment, you win. Bonus rounds offer additional chances to multiply winnings through interactive games and multipliers.

2. What is the maximum win in Crazy Time?​

The maximum win in Crazy Time can reach up to 20,000 times your bet, especially during the Crazy Time bonus round with the highest multipliers.

3. Where can I play Crazy Time​

You can play Crazy Time on legit online gambling platforms like Nuebe Gaming, a leading online casino in the Philippines.

4. Can I play Crazy Time on a mobile device?​

Yes, you can play Crazy Time on Nuebe Gaming’s website on your mobile devices or on Nuebe Gaming APP. Nuebe Gaming supports mobile gameplay, allowing players to enjoy casino games on smartphones and tablets.